Lenny Dykstra’s Gritty, Gutty Portfolio Collapsing

Despite Lenny Dykstra’s insistence that every word of a GQ article ripping him to shreds like chewing tobacco was a bald-faced lie, at least some of it seems to be true. At the very least, he’s just about out of money and will soon lose his mansion and private jet.

Lenny Dykstra and Jim Cramer

A creditor has already impounded his Gulfstream II jet and the loan he got to keep his PLAYERS CLUB magazine afloat was tied to his $18m mansion in California. Now that the loan is sinking, the mansion may slip underwater as well. (Not that he was keeping up the payments on the mansion itself, either.) If only he had been paying 110% on the field and off…

But who could have seen this run of excess end abruptly with a financial ball to the face?  Who could have possibly seen the stitches left on Lenny’s cheek from the high and tight financial collapse? Why, Mitch Williams, of course. We fully expect to see him as a fill-in for Jim Cramer on “Mad Money” this summer. Wild Thing will make your investments sing!