Dykstra Selling Off L.A. House; Empire Crumbling?

Former Phillie-turned-fortune seeker Lenny Dykstra is hoping to make some more moolah by selling off his lavish L.A.-area abode.

Lenny Dykstra Los Angeles house for sale

Tom Hoffarth of FARTHER OFF THE WALL reports that Dykstra is seeking almost $25 million for the home once owned by Wayne Gretzky. If you like space, Lenny’s place has plenty of it - 12,713 square feet with 8 bedrooms and 7 baths situated on 7 acres of land.

But so much room was apparently too much for Lenny to deal with:

“It’s a compound; it’s not a house,” said Dykstra, the former All-Star outfielder. “I can go for a couple of days and not see any other family members. I found out I had a tennis court I didn’t know I had. And I had to buy it completely furnished. I couldn’t afford to buy furniture to fill this place. Are you kidding me?”

Sounds like a nice place to have if you don’t like relatives but don’t want to be accused of turning away family members. You can invite them to stay & not ever worry about running into them.

Still, why is such a financial genius like Lenny eager to sell off his $25 million mansion? Maybe because he’s not such a smart number-crunching cookie after all.