LenDale White Stomps All Over A Terrible Towel

Many doubted that the Titans could wrap up the top seed in the AFC playoffs today against the Steelers without Albert Haynesworth. But Tennessee rolled Pittsburgh 31-14, capped off by an 83-yard interception return in the final seconds by Michael Griffin.

LenDale White stomps the Terrible Towel

The Titans wrapped up home-field advantage through the playoffs, and should these teams meet again the Steelers might have a little extra motivation. Seems that LenDale White wasn’t happy with just winning the game. He thought it would also be a good idea to stomp all over a Terrible Towel for the benefit of the CBS cameras. Oh, it’s on now.

Video after the jump.

It appears as if LenDale is joined by Chris Johnson in the towel-stomping, and then Keith Bulluck gets in on the action.

Keith Bulluck Terrible Towel

Caution, the following video was submitted by a Titans fan and has some NSFW language superimposed over the footage (as you can see in the above photos): (found a newer, cleaner version)

This is definitely going to sit well with the city of Pittsburgh, which is known for being very reasonable when it comes to their team. Don’t worry, though, Steeler fans, I think these guys have your back: