Leinart Dumped CAA Because Fellow CAA Client Peyton Manning Got To Host SNL Before He Did

JEALOUSY OF PEYTON LEAD TO LEINART’S CAA DEPARTURE: It’s old news now that Matt Leinart has stopped entrusting his endorsement deals to the Creative Artists Agency (CAA). Tom Condon, who is also under the CAA umbrella, still reps Leinart for his football contract, but the AZ QB’s marketing deals will no longer go through Death Star.

Matt Leinart Goofy Face

One of the prevailing theories as to why Leinart left was that he was upset that former USC stablemate Reggie Bush was getting more endorsements.

Peyton Manning SNL

But SbB has recently learned that that isn’t the case. Instead, the main reason Leinart rejected the representation superpower is he was enraged that Peyton Manning, also a CAA client and repped by Condon, got to host “Saturday Night Live” before he did. Seriously.

Peyton Manning SNL

With that in mind, I’m guessing Manning’s performance being so positively received most likely sent “Little Matty” over the edge, and into the arms of another C-list harlot.

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