LeBron James On Longtime Baby Mama: ‘Sidekick’

Harper’s Bazaar has an interview with the mother of LeBron James‘ two children, Savannah Brinson. Brinson, who is not married to James, seems like a sweet, naive woman. Exactly how you would picture her personality.

Lebron and Savannah Brinson

The interview is mostly fluff and would’ve gone on without incident had baby daddy not gotten in on the act.

Brinson on James: “I just love him so much. We’re soul mates.

James on Brinson: “A person like myself always needs a great sidekick and a person you can rely on no matter the circumstances. And she’s that. She’s got my back, and I love her for that.


On the subject of marriage, Brinson quite obviously is unhappy with her arrangement as a glorified babysitter:

Though she and James are now a family unit with two sons, one can’t help but notice the diamondless finger on Brinson’s left hand. She says a wedding is not on the horizon, though she has been dreaming about that day since she was six. “I’ve definitely not put a fire under his ass,” she says. “I would never rush him to do something like that. We’re really comfortable with the way things are now. And it’s not up to me. When it happens, it happens.

“We talk about it. If we do it, I want it to be forever,” she continues. Until then, Brinson knows that the blogosphere will continue to refer to her as James’s baby mama. She’s not bothered by the description but makes it clear that she feels like she’s more than a catchphrase. “I’m the mother of his children,” she says proudly. “I’m not a baby mama. There’s a lot more to me than that.”

Perhaps the most stunning part of the interview is that the two children will continue to attend school in Akron.

While James settles in on his new home court, Brinson plans to split her time between Miami and Akron. She didn’t want to uproot her sons—LeBron Jr., five, and Bryce Maximus, three—from their neighborhood, where LeBron Jr. will be starting kindergarten in the fall. “Cleveland is home,” she says. “Nothing is going to change about that.”

“Cleveland is home”? Or Akron?

Hope LeBron didn’t hear Savannah say that. (Not that her situation could get any worse.)