Leafs’ “Burke” On Twitter: Last GM Was Retarded

Maple Leafs General Manager Brian Burke arrived from Anaheim with a mandate: Make Toronto a winner at all costs, or get the heck out of town. Well, Burke is trying to transform the Maple Leafs, and he’s doing it while maintaining a remarkable amount of transparency, at least if the Twitterer named “Brian Burke” is actually the Leafs GM himself.

brian burke maple leafs
I already answered that in a “tweet”.

If that is the case, then this TWITTER feed is pretty amazing, as YAHOO!’s PUCK DADDY BLOG first discovered. In a span of just a few weeks — “BrianBurke” started shooting up “tweets” on Jan. 26 — Burke has had some gems. And of all the one-liners, none beats this one: “No, seriously, was the last full-time GM retarded or something?”

Among “BrianBurke’s” other gems:

“Howard Berger has been walking around with scrambled egg in his moustache all day. Should I tell him?”

“After the game, the Pens called and offered Crosby and Malkin for Schenn. Told them to call back when they were willing to offer fair value.”

“Found out the guy who works at the sandwich counter in the lunchroom is European. Fired him.”

Tomas Kaberle and I are working together on his trade deadline options. He gave me a list of 10 teams. I gave him back a list of 20 more.”

“Really looking forward to the Blue Jackets coming to town. We can show Rick Nash where his locker will be in 2010.”

Admit it, you’ve had the same deep questions about a co-workers mustache before, too. We tell the guy. You? We’ve never been as critical of a predecessor as Burke was of former Toronto GM John Ferguson, but we’re inspired. Unfortunately, that could get us fired by Monday. Stay tuned.

We might not be the only ones in trouble now that “BrianBurke’s” Twitter feed is out in the open. Once the real Brian Burke gets wind of it, well, it may not be around for us to enjoy much longer, which is all the more reason to celebrate it now.