Lastings Milledge Rap Song Sexual Vulgar Lyrics Brings Apology From New York Mets

WHERE IS REVEREND AL AND JESSE WHEN WE NEED THEM? The NEW YORK POST reports that (fading) Mets outfield prospect Lastings Milledge, better known as “L Millz” in the rap world, has released a potty-mouthed song on his own record label called “Bend Ya Knees”.

Lastings Milledge Myspace Page Photos

The song, which also features rapper Manny D, “has lyrics ripe with vulgarity, demeaning references to women, explicit sexual content and multiple uses of the n-word.

Lastings Milledge Manny D

To the club’s credit, the Mets quickly issued a statement “condemning a song from a record company that, according to the company’s Web site, is co-founded by Lastings Milledge and features him on the track.The website in question:

Lastings Milledge

The rapper Manny D is apparently a former junior high school classmate of Milledge, who is the co-founder of Soulja-Boi Records and also the manager of the central casting walking cliche grilled-out rapper.It is also interesting to note that the record company’s myspace account has been deleted - but you can still check out the amusing page of Manny D.

Lastings Milledge Myspace Page Photo

And sadly, Milledge has completely fouled up his personal myspace page which we had become so partial to.