Lasorda Stories About Hookers, Pope Lack Truth?

With Pope Benedict coming to America this week, good catholic Tommy Lasorda plans on meeting the pontiff. And this will be the third pope he claims he’s had the honor of visiting with in person.

Tommy Lasorda making moves

However, Tom Hoffarth of FARTHER OFF THE WALL questions Tommy’s truthfulness of one of his papal encounters.

Lasorda’s heading for the White House to attend Wednesday night dinner, a meal in honor of Benedict’s trip, hosted by the Bushes. In a statement released from the Dodgers, Tommy “has previously met two Popes, His Holiness Pope John Paul I and His Holiness Pope John Paul II.”

But there’s debate about his first papal visit. JP I’s reign in Rome lasted only 33 days, from August 26 to September 28, 1978. And Hoffarth wonders how Lasorda could have had time to schedule a visit:

“Not that we doubt the validity of it. But considering the time frame of such a visit — which would have had to be have been at the Vatican in Rome, Italy … And according to the 1978 schedule, the team had Sept. 5 off — a rare rain-out at Dodger Stadium — and Sept. 25, when they were flying from L.A. to start a series in Cincinnati.”

Maybe Tommy asked John Paul I to ask God for the rain delay, so he could fly out to the Vatican & back for a quick hello.

Nah, probably not. We’re more likely to believe that Lasorda would spend his day off enjoying another kind of spiritual experience. He, of course, has completely denied he ever paid for sex - which was allegedly coupled with a lesbian porn viewing party. But after threatening an initial lawsuit, Lasorda has (shockingly!) neutered the threat.