Las Vegas Police Report Light Criminal Activity During NBA All-Star Weekend

CRIME LIGHT IN VEGAS FOR NBA ALL-STAR WEEKEND: Following up on the slanderous security concerns of Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman for NBA All-Star weekend, I’ve tracked down the crime statistics from the LV Police Department’s official website crime incident database.

Considering the gigantic influx of visitors for the weekend, which has been described by Las Vegas officials as four times the size of New Year’s Eve in the city, the crime reported is remarkably low:

Las Vegas Crime Statistics For NBA All Star Weekend

The stats you see are for the area within one mile of the center of the Las Vegas Strip (Las Vegas Boulevard and Tropicana Avenue) for Friday through Sunday (as of 9pm PT Sunday, February 18).

Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman Comments On City Security During NBA All-Star festivities

I guess the honorable mayor’s fears about seeing “some gangbangers or hip-hoppers knocking over a jewelry store at Fashion Show mall” didn’t pan out out after all.

Update: There were 71 incidents reported on the Las Vegas police website since I posted about the crime in Las Vegas last night (midnight ET).

Most of the incidents are traffic accidents and “other disturbances” - which might be code for something severe (and a way to cover it up).

Also, note that the crime incident report that I posted was just for within one mile of the intersection of Las Vegas Blvd. and Tropicana Avenue. Not all of Clark County.

And there could’ve been arrests by other law enforcement agencies that weren’t reported on the LV police website. Which may explain this reportage from a Las Vegas TV station this morning.