Lance Armstrong Seen On Date With Ashley Olsen

THE UPSIDE TO RAIDING THE DAUGHTER’S DVD COLLECTION: The NEW YORK DAILY NEWS (vi SI’s HOT CLICKS) reports today that Lance Armstrong has a dope new girlfriend: “Maybe Ashley Olsen just wanted some tips on how to wear spandex well. The pint-size starlet was seen nuzzling up to Lance Armstrong on Monday night at Rose Bar.

Lance Armstrong

The duo arrived together just after midnight … Ashley and Lance settled in and within minutes, he was whispering in her ear and she was giggling like a schoolgirl. They totally looked like they were on a date.”Armstrong, who threw his family down the stairs for a dried-up Sheryl Crow (and dumped her on Christmas as she was dealing with cancer), is 36, while Olsen just turned 21. Coincidentally, Armstrong has twin 5-year-old daughters (Grace and Isabelle). We’re not sure there’s any sort of connection there, and we don’t want to know if there is.