Lakers Jerry Buss Visits Bunny Ranch ‘Every Year’

In 2005 and 2007 HBO aired documentaries on brothels run by a guy named Dennis Hof. The docos covered Hof’s ‘Bunny Ranch’ in Nevada, which is a legal bordello.

Jerry Buss Bunny Ranch

(Perfectly legal. *High Five*)

Hof guested on Jorge Sedano’s morning show on 790 The Ticket in Miami today, and had a not-too-shocking revelation about a certain NBA Owner.

Jerry Buss visiting Bunny Ranch, bad for the Lakers, NBA image?

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Transcript of his comments after the jump.

“H” is Hof and “C” is Cami, a Bunny Ranch girl.

Sedano: I love the fact the way you guys treat people there. I mean, it’s not…it’s just, it’s very casual, it doesn’t seem like there’s any pressure. Like you had all kinds of guys walk through there, famous people. I mean, I’ve seen parents take their kids to be de-virginized. I mean, some of the stories you guys have on the show is compelling outside of the sex and the T&A. You know?

Hof: Absolutely. In fact, Cami’s been there two weeks now. Let’s talk about some of the people that have rolled through there.

Cami: Oh yeah!

Hof: Joey Buttafuoco.

C: Uh-huh.

H: Who else?

C: Um, well, you know, Ron Jeremy, of course.

H: Robert from Hell’s Kitchen.

C: Robert. Chyna was there on your birthday.

H: Crazy Town.

C: Crazy Town was there. Um, a lot of people.

H: The owner of the Lakers. I mean, everybody rolls through there at one time or another. It’s a rite of passage for every man, and now women. We’re getting so many women customers & couples. Cami’s seen so many couples…

C: I love the couples. Every time I see a couple, I’m like, “Pick me! Pick me! Please!” (laughs)

Later in the interview…

Sedano: You said the owner of the Lakers has been there? Jerry Buss?

Hof: Yeah. Every year, the son, Johnny, and I have a joint birthday party every year. Every year. And we bring in a thousand of our closest friends and, uh, it’s really a party. It’s a great, great party. Next year, we’ll get you and your lady out there.

S: Yeah, I’m in on that! Dennis Hof…

Hof: I’ll fly you out. We’ll have some fun.

So Chyna, Robert from Hell’s Kitchen, Ron Jeremy, Joey Buttafuoco, the band Crazy Town, Johnny Buss and his dad, Lakers Owner Jerry Buss.

Jerry Buss Is A Lecher

Considering his propensity for hiring nude models as *scouts*, the latter is no surprise, and what he’s doing is perfectly legal. Bless his heart.

Johnny Buss

Let’s just pray to the Almighty that Johnny didn’t bring his camera.