Lack Of Sex & Booze At Olympic Village A Turn Off

The atmosphere at the Olympic Village for the past few Summer Games has been, in keeping with the ancient Greek tradition, quite Dionysian. Four years ago in Athens, athletes had access to more than 130,000 condoms, a response to the 2000 Sydney Games where they ran out. Not surprisingly, REUTERS reports that the Chinese government has created an atmosphere that is far more sedate at the Beijing Olympic Village: no condoms, no alcohol in the bars, not even DVDs that aren’t family films. (But visitors can still buy dirty books at the village gift shop.)

Amber Halliday kissing sailor

Some of the athletes aren’t too happy about having their Olympic experience turned G-rated, like Australian world champion rower Amber Halliday (on the right with partner Marguerite Houston):

“I haven’t seen any bags of frangers,” said world champion rower Halliday, using a slang word for condoms from her native Australia. “But the Australian Olympic Committee has a big bowl out on the table and you can help yourself.”

Halliday later laments the fact that the rowers, whose events end the first week of competition, will have to leave the Olympic Village to get their freak on.

“But there’ll be plenty of partying on the outside in the second week. Where there’s an Aussie there’s a way to get drunk.”

This is what we can emphatically call “our kind of girl.” Amber Halliday, we salute your dedication to the true Olympic ideals: Swifter, Higher, Drunker, Hornier.