Kyle Turley To Robert Smith: ‘*BLEEP* You, Then!’

Good to see Kyle Turley is still his same ol’ fiery self. The ex-Saint, ex-Ram & ex-Chief best known for his Jets helmet toss was on Dan Le Batard’s radio show on Wednesday, talking about the problems many former NFL players are having trying to get disability benefits.

Kyle Turley Robert Smith

Joining Turley in the discussion was ex-Viking Robert Smith, putting the point forward for the NFL Players’ Association. And what started out as a calm debate eventually turned a bit nasty.

Turley argues that the current disability system is “corrupt”, and that retired players in need of benefits have been victims of “neglect” by the league and the union.

Smith counters that the recipients of NFL disability are the same percentage as U.S. citizens who get Social Security - and that monetary benefits for players have “has gone up every single time.”

The discussion did become heated at times, as Turley & Smith talked over each other at certain points, so you couldn’t understand either one. But after 21 minutes of somewhat civil discourse, Kyle finally erupted at Robert:

This is a serious issue. Families are affected, people are becoming homeless, living in shelters. Do you not see a problem with that? Well, f— you, then!

After a quick emergency station break, Turley continued to vent, but in not as colorful language:

“You know what? It’s near pointless to speak to this guy, OK? Because he’s not listening. People are not listening.”

Smith’s response:

To say that the union doesn’t care just isn’t true … To say that I’m not paying attention, that I’m not listening, that it doesn’t make any sense to talk to me - man, I’ve been doing this for 15 years, I don’t get a dime for it. I do it because I care about the players, every single player that’s ever played the game or that will play the game.”

Well, guess they can both agree to disagree.

Audio of the full interview can be heard here. (The naughty bits are around 21:20, but the rest of the chat should be SFW.)