Kurt Rambis Slams Jim Buss On KLAC AM Radio Roggin Simers Squared

JIM BUSS BASHING NOW NOT LIMITED TO FAMILY MEMBERS: More of the bizarro dysfunction that is the Los Angeles Lakers’ front office was on display this morning, and this time it involved former Laker player and current Assistant Coach Kurt Rambis.

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Rambis, who often makes it plain that he is a Phil Jackson loyalist, guested on KLAC-AM’s “Roggin and Simers Squared” and took the opportunity to defend Jackson on multiple fronts.

KLAC Roggin Simers Squared

During the interview, Rambis denied that Jackson was ever fired by Jerry Buss (”Phil wasn’t fired the last time he left the Lakers“), which is fact that is disputed by Jackson’s girlfriend Jeanie Buss (the daughter of owner Jerry, who also defended Jackson last week on the same show).

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And then things got really good, as Rambis lit into defacto team President Jim Buss, who recently criticized Jackson on KLAC-AM’s “Loose Cannons” midday show.

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Rambis: “Jim Buss was puffing up his chest a little bit and trying to take charge and make his voice heard and make his voice known. But some of the comments he said (about Jackson) … flat out weren’t right. Like when he said Phil doesn’t know how to work with young players or coach young players. We’re working with our young guys.

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We’re working with our young guys constantly on a daily basis to improve them. But Jim doesn’t know that because he doesn’t come to practice. So he doesn’t see the amount of time we spend working with the young ballplayers.

(Audio of entire Kurt Rambis interview on KLAC-AM - Buss comments begin at 6:30)