Koufax Among Sports Figures Swindled By Madoff

Bernie Madoff’s list of cursed clients numbers 13,567, so it’s no surprise that there’s some well-known sports figures on it.

Sandy Koufax Bernie Madoff

Individual client names were released today, and heading the sports celebs is Sandy Koufax.

So what was Koufax’s connection to Madoff?

Koufax was a high school classmate of Mets Owner Fred Wilpon. Wilpon was apparently one of Madoff’s larger clients, having lost $400M in the scandal. Turns out Wilpon’s son and other friends were also dragged into the undertow, along with the Mets’ minor league team in Coney Island.

There’s no specifics on what Koufax lost, but if he ends up back on the autograph circuit in the next few weeks, safe to say it was in the seven figures.

Also effected, longtime MINNEAPOLIS STAR-TRIBUNES columnist Sid Hartman, former New York Islanders great Bob Nystrom and former Eagles Owner Norman Braman.

Darren Rovell of CNBC also has details on some former ABA execs who made over $200M in a merger deal with the NBA who also were duped by Madoff.

How bad can it get for the Wilpons? First they lose the family fortune in the Madoff debacle. And now Citi will likely be forced to pull out of a $400M naming rights deal for the team’s new stadium.

Oh yeah, and I guess Art Shamsky Day is probably out of the question too.

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