Kornheiser’s D.C. Media Career Officially Pantsed?

Dan Steinberg at DC SPORTS BOG has the latest on Tony Kornheiser’s seemingly cratered D.C. media career, transcribing comments from Commander Combover during a D.C. radio appearance this week.

Too Ugly To Prostitute

(Took this on Venice Beach this week … vaguely applicable? OK, maybe not.)

Apparently Kornheiser, who was recently let go by the WaPo and nudged out of the Monday Night Football broadcast booth by Mike Tirico ESPN management, is finding it tough to supplement his PTI appearances with a free-money local-yokel radio show:

“A lot of business people want me to do syndicated national radio,” he said. “I don’t care about syndicated national radio. If they want to syndicate a local show that I do, I’m happy to do it, but I want to local radio.”

(Steinberg): How many business people are interested?

“Not enough yet,” he said. “But maybe in an hour. Maybe in an hour.”

So wait, Kornheiser has plenty of people beating down his door to do a national radio show, but no one in his hometown is interested in hiring him?

Tony Kornheiser bolts PTI, still watch his replacement with Wilbon?

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Does that smell funny to you?

Actually, uh, no.

When ESPN first broke Kornheiser nationally on ESPN Radio in the ’90s, I remember thinking, just before I tuned out, “What’s the point?” By that I mean he wasn’t particularly insightful or funny. He never broke any stories and only had fellow sportswriting drones on as guests. (Gun-Meet-Mouth.)

Back then though, nationally syndicated radio was still in its infancy, so I suppose I can understand why Kornheiser got his shot. He was a media celebrity in D.C. and had established a track record of ratings success in a large market.

But then again, this is the same major radio market that attempted to spawn the “Greaseman” as a nationwide star.

Kornheiser parlayed the ESPN Radio thing to his eventual spot astride Michael Wilbon on PTI. Then he reached his career apex with the Monday Night Football job.

And then I believe, finally, people started to realize, “Hey, you know what? There really isn’t that much there.”

With Kornheiser, I’ve always wondered, what is it about this guy? I’m always waiting for him to make me laugh. Or cause me to ponder something I hadn’t considered before. Something, ANYTHING! *drops shoulders, shakes head*

Look, I give him credit for PTI. But let’s face it, it’s really the format that makes the show. The structure. Did you really miss Kornheiser when he missed all those shows because of MNF and his interminable vacations? If Dan Le Batard took Kornheiser’s spot, would anyone blink?

Honestly, I’m not trying to be a hater here. Bless his heart, Kornheiser has reached the top of his profession and made millions of dollars. For that, I salute him.

But then why can’t he get hired for a piddly little radio show in his hometown? And if he’s as popular as he claims (read his comments about being stopped on the D.C. streets), why aren’t there legions of commenters clamoring for his return under Steinberg’s piece in the, ahem, WASHINGTON POST?

Tony, it’s been a great run, but from here on out, make sure Wilbon never even whiffs a bar tab at Old Ebbitt.

And take a little piece of advice from Dan Patrick: Don’t overplay your cards with Bristol when your PTI deals comes up, babo.