Kobe Bryant Back in Court - for Possible Jury Duty

Kobe Bryant was spotted at the Orange County Civil Courthouse in Santa Ana, CA, on Wednesday. But he wasn’t there to face any charges - he was there to possibly pass judgment on others.

Kobe Bryant jury duty

In case you couldn’t tell, that pic of Kobe awaiting selection for jury duty comes courtesy of TMZ. Originally in a pool of 40 prospective jurors, Bryant still has a chance to spend more of his time in the halls of justice as the pool has been whittled down to 18 - and he’s still in the running.

The trial Kobe could be put on involves a case of car vandalism.  But surely there are more interesting trials in the LA-OC area that #24 could be assigned to instead.

There’s the case of Jeffrey Braswell & Deon Tresvant, two members of the Big West Conference Tournament Champion Cal State Northridge Matadors, who are facing felony theft & burglary charges. And for further intrigue, Jeff is the son of CSUN coach Bobby Braswell.

Then there’s Russell Otis, the former boys’ basketball coach for Compton Dominguez High, who’s charged with stealing $15,000 sent from Nike that was meant for the school. Oh, and he’s also charged with making unwanted sexual advances toward a former student - a male student.

And then there’s cheerleader-turned-hip hopstress Fergie, who’s releasing her own designer shoe line. She’s not being charged with anything, but she should still be brought in for pitching a par of pumps like this:

fergie new shoe

Or maybe Kobe doesn’t want to do his civic duty, and will try to make a break for it - by leaping over speeding cars!