Kim Kardashian & Clan Feuding with Neon Deion

Kim Kardashian dates a football player. (Nominally, anyway. That’s a lot of fumbles for 3.7 yards per rush, Reggie.) Deion Sanders used to be a football player. (And a baseball player. And didn’t he bobsled or something? Ice was somehow involved.)

Kim Kardashian and family

And with that tenuous thread, we have what the nation needs most during these trying times: the newest contestants on “Celebrity Family Feud” this summer. Kim will play with her KKK sisters (Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney) and her mother. Also joining them will be a misshapen lump of clay that used to be Bruce Jenner, her stepfather.

How do we know this isn’t some kind of prank news release meant to torture us? Deion Sanders and his family will play for Sanders Claus, the charity where Neon Deion positions himself as the center of attention and giver of love through materialism. That sounds 2 legit 2 us.

If the game gets tight and there’s a chance Deion or his Aunt Annette have a shot at the charity cash, Kim should use her best asset to block out the buzzer.

Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush

Survey says… for the win, indeed.