Kim K.: “100%” Khloe, Odom Will Get Engaged

Guess it made sense for Mason & Ireland on KSPN-AM in Los Angeles to get to the bottom of the Lamar Odom-Khloe Kardashian marriage rumors by calling up Khloe’s sister, you know … the cute one. (Kim.)

 Kim Kardashian bikini

(If anyone can get to the bottom of the Khloe Odom intrigue…)

Kim K. said on KSPN this afternoon that there’s a “100″ percent chance that Khloe and Odom will get engaged because they’re “so in love.”

That love, incidentally, spans less than three months. But when you consider the overt attractiveness in play, I guess you shouldn’t be shocked.

More from Kim K. on the chances the two get engaged:

“I mean 100 (percent). They’re so in love. Of course it’s going to happen. But I’m the biggest hopeless romantic, you could’ve asked me this about myself and I would’ve said the same thing. I really think it’s happening.”

If you have a concern about her qualifier regarding Reggie Bush, you obviously don’t trade in gossip mag circles. If a uniquely-talented person of the emotional depth of Kim K. says something is “100 percent”, it just has to be true!