Collins & Cyrus This Generation’s Hall & Oates?

Everyone wants to be associated with a winner, so it’s no surprise that when a team has the level of success the Tennessee Titans have had, men in suits begin to emerge with book deals, recording contracts and other forms of money-making memorabilia ventures, most of which are incredibly stupid. So it’s heartening to see at least one good idea come from the Titans’ 9-0 start: A Kerry Collins and Billy Ray Cyrus super-duo!

Billy Ray Cyrus and Kerry Collins

While the duo hasn’t been made “official”, TENNESSEAN.COM has news of a chance encounter between the Old Pro and the Old Mullet. Apparently, Mr. Hannah Montana has a new song called “Back to Tennessee” that he’s been trying to link to the Titans great start. Somehow, this led to Cyrus pitching the song to Collins, and the rest, as they say, will be history.


Billy Ray Cyrus’s alarm will go off at 3:30 this morning because he and daughter Miley will perform on Good Morning America from Sommet Center Plaza. He will debut “Back to Tennessee,” the title track of his new album and a cornerstone of the upcoming Hannah Montana movie. “The song certainly lends itself to become a very quick anthem for Tennessee Titan fans,” said Billy Ray, noting the team’s 9-0 record. “It’s all about being at home and being back to Tennessee. It feels like it’s going to go hand-in-hand with where the Titans are.”

He had a chance to pitch the song to Titans quarterback Kerry Collins, who, as it turns out, is also a songwriter. “I dabbled a little bit,” Kerry said. “I met Ed Hill and Billy Lawson and we sat down and came up with a song. I think it’s pretty good.” The title is “It’s Not Hard to Be Happy When I’m Looking at You,” It’s a perfect tune for him to croon to his receivers.

We’ll have to stay tuned if this thing ever comes to fruition. The best thing about the possibility of the super-duo is just how easy it is to picture Kerry Collins as a country singer, you know, since he already has the constant battles with alcoholism and latent racism part down.