Kenny Smith Takes A Crack At Kobe’s Car Jump

By now, we’ve all seen Kobe Bryant’s jacked-up jump over a speeding Aston Martin. Although it was quite a video treat - thanks, Hollywood! - it’s still a dangerous stunt to actually attempt. Even at the start of his own clip, the Lakers star had warned viewers not to try it themselves.

Kobe Car Jump Kenny Smith

Apparently, Kenny Smith wasn’t listening. The “Inside The NBA” co-host figured if Kobe could coast over a car, why couldn’t he? So, Smith brought along a TNT camera crew, slipped on his styling sneakers, and readied himself for the big leap forward.

How did he do? Check out the video after the jump.

Absolutely hilarious. Even Kobe was rolling with laughter.

Wonder if the TNT crew would have shown this had the Lakers somehow lost to the Nuggets Wednesday night? But Bryant’s 49 points took care of such concerns.

Anyway, kudos to Kenny, Ernie, Chuck & the whole “Inside The NBA” crew for teaching us to laugh & love again. Funniest thing we’ve seen since Frank Caliendo busted out his Barkley chops.

(And another big high-five to ODENIZED for the soon-to-be classic clip.)