Kendra: Sex Tapes Plan After Baskett Engagement

“Reality” Shows nowadays are only as good as their script writers, so it might be time for Hank Baskett wife Kendra Wilkinson to consider firing her stable of storyline scribes.

Kendra Wilkinson Hank Baskett

Those behind the Wilkinson show script recently got the bright idea to inject the obligatory intrigue over the involuntary release of a sex tape.

One small problem with that scenario, which had been planned to be acted out in the show: broke the bombshell news that Kendra secretly planned to shop her own sex tape, and now we’ve discovered that there was more than one tape made by the reality TV star. tracked down a lawyer who worked with Kendra on the project and setting up the company that was formed to sell the sex tapes. confirmed that Kendra’s agreement was to acquire and license video rights to material featuring Kendra in intimate situations.

As previously reported, the plan drafted in November 2008 (which was well into her relationship with Hank Baskett and after their engagement was publicly announced) included the creation of a company which Wilkinson would own and control and under which her team would solicit offers.

So the videos of Wilkinson having sex with someone other than Baskett were expressly produced by Baskett’s wife for sale to the public, with those sales plans set up after Wilkinson and Baskett were engaged.

If that’s the case, you can bet that when those tapes came out, Wilkinson would’ve claimed she didn’t know anything about them - despite Baskett’s wife herself setting up the secret LLC and hiring a lawyer to oversee the legal, marketing and distribution of the hardcore porn tapes.

Wonder if that’ll make it into the script?

Shocked to think Baskett’s marriage to one of the world’s most famous prostitutes would work out this way.

Hard to be sympathetic to Baskett though. He made his bed in this situation.

Let’s just hope there aren’t any hidden cameras in it.