KCBS-TV Takes Down Kobe Bryant Divorce Story Link

KCBS-TV WEBSITE TAKES DOWN BRYANT DIVORCE REPORT: KCBS in Los Angeles cited on its website Friday a report from Mediatakeout.com that stated a “a divorce is imminent” between Kobe and Vanessa Bryant.

KCBS Kobe Bryant Divorce

After SbB linked the KCBS.com report, we received this via email from KCBS sports producer Gordon Allen: “That story was reported only on kcbs.com and not on any TV newscast. It is a seperate (sic) entity from the sports/news department at KCBS and should be attributed that way.

One of two things is happening with this. Either KCBS-TV is terrified of blowing up its relationship with Kobe Bryant (even if it is first with the news - which is an enormous story in Los Angeles).

Or uber-connected L.A.-based KCBS sports anchors Jim Hill and Steve Hartman (and KCAL’s John Ireland) may have shot down the report upon speaking with Bryant.