Judgement Jay: AOL Readers Turn On Mariotti

Since Jay Mariotti’s felony domestic assault charge Saturday morning in Los Angeles, AOL Fanhouse editors have elected not to turn off the ability to comment on Mariotti’s columns currently posted on the Fanhouse site.

Jay Mariotti column readers AOL Fanhouse

With Mariotti the prominently-noted “lead columnist” of the website, perhaps editors thought that fans of the columnist’s work would defend him despite his reportedly having physically abused his girlfriend last weekend. Or at least balance out the negative comments with some benign reaction to AOL’s star sports personality.

But after witnessing the universal castigation of Mariotti by dozens of readers of the site the past 72 hours, AOL might do well to turn off the comments as it’s clearly turned into a repetitive, pointless exercise.

Jay Mariotti column readers AOL Fanhouse

Here’s a quick sampling of some of the more muted, viewer-safe reader reax to Mariotti’s August 14, 2010, Fanhouse column titled, “For Acts of Violence, MLB Much Too Soft“:

ponyfixer 8-21-2010 1:56PM
So, what would you do about………you?

geminite 8-22-2010 8:18PM
I can’t stand hypocritical pathetic punks like you who push things to the point to where a women has to call in the authorities. You have no excuse for your behavior - none. Hopefully, your boss will give you the same mercy you asked Selig to give Rodriguez.

steele81111 8-21-2010 6:53PM
What will your suspension be for your arrest?

Julene 8-22-2010 4:29PM
Reading this article after reading that Jay was arrested for hitting his girlfriend is pure poetic justice.

I am sure Jay and his crony writing buddies will not want us to rush to judgement but wait until we hear his side of the story. Ironically that is not what he did to Tiger Woods.

If you want to see more comments, here’s a couple links.

For someone serving as a lead columnist for website with millions of monthly readers, it is a little astonishing to see such lopsided sentiment.

Especially with the obligatory “innocent until proven guilty” defense available.

Jay Mariotti column readers AOL Fanhouse

Perhaps Mariotti’s building his career on hyperbolic moral judgement of his commentary subjects over three decades - and currently weekdays on national television - has something to do with it.