Greece Is The Word For Atlanta’s Josh Childress?

Josh Childress is apparently so fed up with the Hawks, he’s willing to flee the country & play in Greece rather than spend another season in Atlanta.

Josh Childress Atlanta Hawks stretching

YAHOO SPORTS’ Adrian Wojnarowski reports that the free-agent forward is strongly considering a contract from Greek basketball club Olympiakos, and the money being offered to Josh could sure buy a whole lot of gyros.

Olympiakos has a 3-year, $20 million deal on the table for Childress, with the added incentive that the team would cover all of the player’s Greek taxes. Josh is interested enough that he flew to Greece on Sunday night & will be meeting with club officials on Monday.

Childress is worried that as a restricted free-agent, the Hawks can match any offer that comes he’s way. And sources say that Josh “expressed little enthusiasm in returning to play for the organization.” Unfortunately, no other NBA club has the salary cap room to make Childress a big enough offer.

However, the Hawks have no leverage of matching any offers from FIBA, the European basketball organization. And just because Josh goes to Greece this season, it doesn’t mean he can’t come back to the NBA the following year.

Normally, it’s European players hoping to cash in on an NBA contract. But Childress would be one of the first young rising NBA stars to cross the Pond in the opposite direction. It could set a new precedent for more Americans to forgo playing in the U.S. of A. & try their luck overseas, just like Brandon Jennings.

*UPDATE*: Josh is officially Athens-bound.