Canseco To Talk About A-Rod On ‘Nightline’ Tonite

It’ll be quite a lead-in for “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on Thursday night, as Jose Canseco will be appearing on ABC’s “Nightline” to discuss his new book.

Jose Canseco Blue Eyes

The biggest can of worms opened up by Canseco’s “Vindicated” are the allegations that Jose hooked Alex Rodriguez up with a steroids supplier. In a clip from the Nightline interview, ABC News’ Martin Bashir tried to get Canseco to provide more details about his accusations.

(Video after the jump.)

In a conversation that happened “many, many, many years ago,” Canseco said in his book that A-Rod approached him about acquiring steroids “if one wanted them“. Bashir then asked why A-Rod “would need to do that, given that he was performing at a fairly high standard already?

Canseco: “That’s a great question for him.”

Bashir: “I’m asking you.”

Canseco: “I have no idea. You should be asking him that.”

The book further states that someone named Max was the supplier Jose supposedly introduced to A-Rod. When Bashir asked who this Max was, Canseco responded, “Ooh, keep him out of it until the time is proper,” adding that “The time is not right now.”

Bashir then took Canseco to task for leveling accusations at Rodriguez without offering any evidence. When asked why he wasn’t producing any evidence, Canseco replied again, “Timing’s not right.”

As Bashir persisted, Canseco soon got very loud in his response:

“Let’s see how Alex reacts to this. Let’s see if they all call me a liar again. How’s that for ya? Let’s see if all of the sudden they’re gonna call me a liar again.”

There’s probably a whole lot of other names Jose’s being called at the moment.

Officially, A-Rod still refuses to say anything about Canseco’s comments:

“It’s over as far as I’m concerned,” Rodriguez said Wednesday after his New York Yankees lost 4-0 to the Philadelphia Phillies. “No further comment on the matter. I’m just excited to be playing baseball.”

What’s really exciting is to see how Kimmel & crew will handle it - hopefully something along the lines of their “F**king Matt Damon” & “F**king Ben Affleck” duel.