Jose Canseco Looking To Fight - For Fun & Profit

With his house foreclosed on & his financial fortunes in ruins, Jose Canseco has no choice but to turn to that one last saving grace for the famous & downtrodden - celebrity boxing.

Jose Canseco sticks out tongue

Dan Gross of the PHILADELPHIA DAILY NEWS punches up news that the former MLB slugger-slash-offending author is looking for a fight. He & his promoter already have a date & place set - July 12 in Atlantic City. Now all they need is an opponent.

So, what’s it worth to someone willing to go a few rounds with Jose?

About $5,000. Canseco may even thrown in a signed copy of either “Juiced” on “Vindicated” - but not both. That’ll hurt book sales.

Those interested in stepping into the ring with Jose should forward along their name, address, phone, trunk size & choice of corner water (Evian, Arrowhead, tap) to

The fight will take place at Bernie Robbins Stadium, home to the minor league Atlantic City Surf. (Say hi to Cecil Fielder for us!) But we’re not sure how well the fight will do at the gate.

Ex-”American Idol” star William Hung stops by the ballpark the week before, and once you’ve gotten Hung, anything else will be a letdown.

Maybe post-bout, Jose can negotiate with the Surf for a contract - or at least ask for a job in concessions.