Photos: ESPN’s Jon Barry Drinks In Cuervo Girls

Jon Barry likely doesn’t remember this night from last summer. Between booze, a round of golf, more drink and the door prize drawing, it can be hard to keep track of what occurred at a golf outing.

Jon Barry ESPN Cuervo girls

But these Flickr photos show the ESPN NBA analyst might have forgotten his golf game, but he really enjoyed the company of the Cuervo Girls.

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Barry, who is married with children, seems to have pulled an Al Bundy while away from the family at this golf outing - which also featured the talents of former ballers Ron Harper and Ahmad Rashad.

Jon Barry ESPN Cuervo girls

Post-golf parties are the greatest. It’s the perfect time to get bombed and work over the beer cart girls. Just look at how these ladies attack the married guy with cash to burn.

Jon Barry ESPN Cuervo girls

Even if Barry tried to resist the advances of these pros, it would be futile against the forces of booze & young, toned bodies.