Johnny Buss Implies On Myspace Page Kobe Bryant Will Be Traded

BURNED-OUT BUSS IMPLIES KOBE BRYANT WILL BE TRADED: The LOS ANGELES TIMES has a priceless web find: The Myspace page of Johnny Buss, the 50-year-old beach bum-burnout son of Lakers Owner Jerry Buss.

Johnny Buss

The LAT’s pretense for exposing Buss’ (unintentionally hilarious) page is a cryptic bulletin he recently sent through Myspace to friends about Kobe Bryant: “If you’ve been following the Kobe drama, I want to let you know it’s not really drama … sometimes we all need to make a change in our lives and that’s all it is. Popular or unpopular, when it’s time, it’s time. Good luck Kobe wherever you go!”

Johnny Buss

Anyone with a still-remaining brain cell knows Bryant isn’t going anywhere, so that explains Buss’ insane notation.

Jerry Buss Is A Lecher

Instead, the former President of the WNBA Sparks might consider sticking to his nude photography gig, which he didn’t create merely as a method to meat and greet women half his age (as opposed to Dad Jerry, who targets the true tenderloins).