John Kruk Testicle Cancer Cracks Will Get The Sh– Beat Out Of You

KRUK BALL CANCER JOKES GET THE SH– BEAT OUT OF YOU: PHILADELPHIA magazine has a Q & A with John Kruk that is mostly standard pap, but there is this noteworthy exchange with ESPN’s heroic testicular cancer survivor:

John Hruk

PHILLY MAG: “Is there a moment from your Phillies career that stands out the most?”
KRUK: “As a team, it was the World Series. On a personal level, my first game coming back from cancer. The ovation was unbelievable. It was my first at-bat, hit a double. I didn’t really know [how the fans felt] until that moment.

John Kruk

PHILLY MAG: “You know in this town, if they didn’t like you, you would have heard testicle jokes.
KRUK: “Oh yeah. Once, some guy made a comment. I went back home to West Virginia and went to a high-school football game. He yelled it from far away, I’ll tell you that, because I woulda beat the sh– out of him. If people I know joke, like Mitch Williams, it’s a joke. People I don’t know, they deserve their ass beat.