John Daly Appears In Beer Soaked Maxfli Ads After Three Visits To Betty Ford Clinic

CBS BANS BEER-SOAKED AD FROM ALCOHOLIC JOHN DALY: Over the years, PGA Tour golfer John Daly has been thrown off a British Airways flight for drunken harassment of flight attendants, once boasted that he downed a bottle of Jack Daniels daily, and has thrice entered the Betty Ford Clinic because of alcohol abuse.

John Daly Banned Maxfli Commercial Go Long Go Loaded

So it stands to reason that he would cut a TV spot for the Maxfli golf company titled “Go Long or Go Home” that shows him grabbing a pitcher of beer at a bar (shot apparently at one of his beloved Hooters locations). Not to mention loading up on the suds in his golf cart during a round and hitting a golf ball off a beer can (Har Har!).

John Daly Maxfli Banned Beer Ad

In a shocking development, the NEW YORK TIMES reports that CBS has refused to air the ad.

UPDATES: The LOS ANGELES TIMES reports the spots has aired on The Golf Channel. A TGC rep defended the decision to broadcast the beerfest because they have a more “mature” audience. Right, the colostomy bag set can really relate. LAT link: (enjoy another stupid subscription block!).

Will Leitch at reports “A ‘tipster’ — who might or might not work for HarperCollins and occasionally write for this Web site — informs us that ‘this trend will continue. Daly has a new book coming out later this year entitled ‘Grip It and Sip It: The Only Way To Play Golf.’

And no, this story is unrelated to the filming of the spot:

Golf Cart Accident