Joe Theismann To Go Back To What He Does Best Running Restaurants Into The Ground

JOE THEISMANN NOW READY TO GO BACK TO DOING WHAT HE DOES BEST - RUNNING RESTAURANTS INTO THE GROUND: With the news of Joe Theismann being thrown overboard by Tony Kornheiser removed from the MNF broadcast by ESPN today, hundreds of sophisticated football aficionado’s loss will surely be “Joe Theismann’s” restaurant’s gain.

Joe Theismann's Restaurant

Theismann will now apparently have more time to attend to his Alexandria, VA., dining establishment, which as you can see, features an extremely catchy (and succinct) tagline and a website with a fancy pants Flash intro.

Joe Theismann Review

Hopefully this will mean that Theismann’s current venture as a restauranteur will go better than his earlier forays into the ever-popular sports bar + fine dining genre.

Joe Theismann's Restaurant

I have a feeling the Alexandria location will do just fine, considering the website menu is updated daily with a vast selection of mouth-watering dishes:

Joe Theismann Menu

And beyond the food, I’m sure Joe will be able to come up with some creative promotions to keep folks coming back:

Tony Kornheiser sign

So don’t fret football fan, Joe Theismann is still here for us all. And now he’s only a bleu cheese burger take out order away.