Joe Paterno Road Rage Reported On PSU Campus

“DON’T TASE ME, JOE!” - PATERNO ACCUSED OF ROAD RAGE: The Joe Paterno stalkers at BLACK SHOW DIARIES find a report in the CENTRE (PA) DAILY TIMES that suggests the geriatric coach may have been involved in a recent “road rage incident” on the Penn State campus.

Joe Paterno

While the initial newspaper account doesn’t name Paterno, a later blog entry on the paper’s site makes it as clear as JoePa’s coke bottle glasses: “Perhaps PSU’s most recognizable face was possibly involved in a campus ‘road rage incident’ under investigation by PSU police. Nothing will come out of this, of course, but what exactly does ‘not losing your poise’ mean when preached to young men but not practiced in spirit by the preacher? And why doesn’t an 80-year-old who has brought a billion or so to the university not merit a driver? Can’t JayPa do this, since the QBs are clearly overcoached?.

A Penn State message board poster has alleged specifics of what really went down: “Yesterday, two grad students (husband and wife) that I know were driving on campus and being followed closely by a white car. The white car passes them and then cuts them off and pins them against the curb. The driver gets out and starts screaming obscenities at the woman (who was driving), flipping both middle fingers and repeatedly saying ‘do you know who I am!’.

Joe Paterno

The irate screaming and cursing by the driver of the white car continues long enough for the campus police to arrive at which time the driver of the white car takes off. The woman is so shaken up that the police ask here if she’s OK to drive. The only thing they can think of that set the driver of the white car off was if they were driving too slow. They were both in some state of shock the rest of the day that Joe Paterno, a man they both admired, could act this way.

Joe Paterno

If this is the way our 80 yr. old head coach acts….can we be shocked our team captains act the way they do?”

*UPDATE*: Joe Paterno had a press conference today and THE WIZARD OF ODDS reports this was the only exchange about the incident:

Q. “I was going to ask you — it’s got to the point now because of the progression of that things have happened, the speculation gets louder and crazier; there was speculation that you might have been involved, can you clarify on that?”

COACH JOE PATERNO: “Come on, let’s go.