Joba Stumbles, Slams NY Drivers In Arrest Video

Apparently Shelley Smith isn’t the only person who has trouble with her balance after a few drinks. Judging by the details of Joba Chamberlain’s DUI arrest from last October as reported in the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, and the dashboard police video obtained by THE SMOKING GUN, the Yankees pitcher either has trouble negotiating the rolling hills of Nebraska on foot, or he was drunk as a skunk.

Joba Chamberlain arrest footage

After being pulled over by an officer in Lincoln, he was asked to walk a straight line as part of his field sobriety test. As you can see in the video, he did pretty well - for the first half. But after that, it’s a stumbling, bumbling mess, as he’s out of control and all over the place. He’s not exactly showing the type of stamina the Yankees hope he has as a starter.

In case you need any more proof of Chamberlain’s condition, you might want to check out the beverage that the officer places on top of Chamberlain’s car at the beginning of the clip; THE SMOKING GUN says that it’s an open, half-full bottle of Crown Royal. While I’m not sure of the specifics of Nebraska law, I’m pretty sure that’s not good.

Also, you New Yorkers might want to know what Chamberlain thinks about you. During the arrest video, Chamberlain has a few choice words about your etiquette and driving habits:

As for driving, Chamberlain noted that if you let a fellow Nebraska motorist cut in ahead of you, they would roll down their window and say thanks. In New York, “They might hit you. It’s a joke.”

For the record, Chamberlain was very polite and cooperative with the officers during the stop, although he did go to the “I came from Florida, and obviously I play for the Yankees” card. Chamberlain has since pleaded guilty to the DUI charge and received nine months probation and losing his license for 60 days. At least he won’t have to deal with New York drivers for a while.