Jimmy Johnson Goes Long for Male Enhancement

Jack Neff at ADAge.com has exciting news today about Jimmy Johnson. The former NFL coach and current Fox broadcaster has signed on to promote an over-the-counter male enhancement product called ExtenZe.

Jimmy Johnson

“Most men want to perform the best they can in just about everything,” Mr. Johnson says in one spot. “Isn’t that why we buy the biggest and best of everything?” He signs off with the tagline: “Go long with ExtenZe. I do.”

Mr. Johnson is a user now and will attest to that in the 15-, 30- and 60-second ads. “

No no no Jimmy, I believe you. No testimonial required. (Please, no.)

Robert Yallen, CEO of Inter/Media, the Encino, Calif., the direct-marketing agency that is overseeing the ad campaign on Johnson: “He’s probably one of the few people who can pull this off.”

The ads start running Monday and Johnson will also appear for ExtenZe with its racing team at the Daytona 500.

So what the hell does ExtenZe do? Good question.

That said, it’s really not about size, Mr. Yallen said. “We’ve migrated past the claim regarding male size and gone more to the enjoyment, energy, virility, male-enhancement side of it,” he said.

Whatever that means.


A growing amount of ExtenZe sales are to ethnic minorities and for a women’s version, and Mr. Johnson works for both, Mr. Yallen said. The Billy Mays approach, he said, would not. “We’re trying to build a brand,” he said, comparing the new flight of ads to pharmaceutical advertising — albeit not with pharmaceutical claims or disclaimers.

This is one of those deals where the more you know, the less you’re interested. Leave it at that.