Jim McMahon Is Back … And Selling Penis Pills

He’s failed with two different restaurant ventures, so I suppose it’s good that Jim McMahon’s newest foray into the business world has nothing to do with food. No, this time around, McMahon’s focus is on something much different: your wang.

Jim McMahon

McMahon, who hasn’t really been the MVP of anything since he was at BYU almost 30 years ago, is marketing a new “male enhancement” product called MVP. He’s on the sports talk circuit, and he spent some time on Dan Patrick’s radio show today talking about the revolutionary new scam product. I don’t know if this is what I envisioned his life would become when I dressed up as him for Halloween when I was 9.

SPORTS RADIO INTERVIEWS has a few of the best quotes from the interview:

After DP started ribbing him about when to take the product and how long it would take to have its desired effect, McMahon jumped in:

“I’ve been sampling all the products and the one we’ve chose is the one I’ve really enjoyed. It seems to work rather well.”

The best/worst part of the campaign is the cheesy print advertisement, which is not only poorly written and punctuated, but features two young ladies fawning over the married ex-quarterback:

jim McMahon MVP

Hey, if it’s good enough for a decent-but-unspectacular ex-quarterback who was fortunate to play on a team with Walter Payton and perhaps the best defense of all time, then it must work.

Asked if he’s “the MVP of the bedroom” by Patrick, McMahon said:

“Ah, you betcha kid…You gotta do something dude. I’m almost 50.”

Wait, was that a quote about sex or about realizing you have a mortgage to pay, Jim?