Jim Lampleys Second Try Apology At Being Really Really Sorry

SOMETIMES WRONG IS RIGHT - WHEN YOU’RE JIM LAMPLEY: Awful Announcing tracks down a brand-new apology from Jim Lampley, who was recently beat down by a San Diego County Judge for violating a restraining order against a girlfriend who accused him of domestic violence.

Jim Lampley

After the judge sentenced Lampley to probation and and a 52-week domestic violence rehab program (ack!), he quipped. “The thing that I am most guilty of is choosing (the) wrong woman.”

Not surprisingly, Lamps is now all lawyered up, with this new spiffy spin: “I am offering my full and unconditional apology to Miss Sanders and her family, as well as to all my friends, family and professional colleagues who have been unwarrantedly damaged by the events of that night.

Does that mean sales of the George Foreman grill have plummeted? Or Larry Merchant’s movie career is on the wane?

And we’re all hoping against hope that this isn’t also the reason Harold Lederman was passed over as a ringside judge for the latest Cruiserweight title bout at the Golden Nugget.

Lamps, you should be ashamed of yourself!