Jessica Simpson Sings To Shamu, Perturbs PETA

Last time we saw Jessica Simpson hit the stage, the gal pal of Tony Romo could have passed for one of the Cowboys QB’s offensive linemen. So when she was set to perform at Sea World in San Antonio last weekend, would the audience have trouble telling her apart from Shamu?

Jessica Simpson fat thin

(Jessica before at the chili cookoff [left], and recently at her Sea World show [right]. Well, fish is healthier than chili.)

Not really, as Simpson showed up for the Bud & BBQ country concert series much svelter than before. And it’s nice to see her rocking the Daisy Dukes again - likely as a homage to her scene-stealing performance in “The Dukes of Hazzard” film.

While her fans may have been pleased to have less of Jess to love, not everyone was ecstatic with her Sea World shindig. Enter PETA.

(More pics of Simpson’s Sea World show after the jump.)

Before she went on in San Antonio, Jess received a letter from the animal rights group, asking her to dunk any plans of performing at Sea World. They implored her to do it for the dolphins.


“As someone who is used to living in a fishbowl and having the public weigh in on her every move, you might like to give some thought to the animals who are forced to be ‘on display’ their entire lives. Imagine being forced to do stupid tricks and swim endless circles in a bathtub. Life for whales, dolphins, polar bears, and fish who live in tanks and cages is like a bad reality show that plays 24/7. There are no commercial breaks, and the show is never cancelled.

“We’re asking you to support the dolphins. Please reconsider your decision to perform at SeaWorld and promise not to appear at venues that exploit animals in the future.”

Sorry, our fine finned friends - but the show must go on! However, if it makes PETA feel any better, Jessica did give a killer whale a kiss - which also somehow helped her overcome her fear of sharks. (Sounds confusing? Remember, this is the girl behind that whole Chicken Of The Sea fiasco.)

But enough PETA pouting. Let’s see some more pics!

Jessica Simpson Sea World

Jessica Simpson Sea World

Jessica Simpson Sea World

Jessica Simpson Sea World

Big ups to SOCIALITE LIFE for providing the photos.