Jemele Hill Victim of Drive-By Flirting on L.A. Fwy?

ESPN.COM’s Jemele Hill is a writer who often invites controversy (example: previously penning that rooting for the Boston Celtics is like saying Hitler was a victim). As such, readers either love her or hate her. But even love can be a bit scary sometimes, especially if you’re being supposedly stalked while driving on the freeway.

Jemele Hill 405 freeway

Jemele is apparently in Los Angeles this week - maybe to check out how the onion rings are at the ESPN Zone restaurant in the new L.A. Live downtown entertainment complex (under the guise of appearing on Jim Rome’s show). And she’s already been given a warm reception, complete with smiles & blown kisses from complete strangers in other cars. Who says SoCal drivers are unfriendly?

And that’s the kind of welcome that has Hill worried. So, committed to her career as a professional journalist, Jemele jotted down the eerie events as they happened onto her Twitter account in order to share the news with the world.

First, she seems confused about what she believes are the local customs:

uh why am i getting straight freeway-stalked right now…is that how y’all do it in cali?

Then she does the smart thing and shares info about the alleged stalker:

in case it goes down…a 40ish WM w/ a mustache in a white F-150 is the culprit

And then she gets into a little more detail:

dude is freaking me out. keeps pulling even w/ my car & keeping pace. smiling @ me, even tho i’m ignoring him. on the 405.

And now the bombshell:

Dude blew a kiss at me and asked for the digits…a friendly stalker. i still exited tho 2 be safe.

Huh - the only digits I get driving on L.A. freeways are usually of the middle finger variety.

I guess Jemele could be somewhat flattered by receiving such amorous attention, but I’m not sure if there really is such a thing as a “friendly stalker”. Maybe it was just a little harmless flirting by the F-150 driver, but these days it’s always better “2 be safe” in such situations.

Since Ms. Hill might be a bit shaken up by the whole experience, we regret to bring up the fact that she was breaking California law by texting while driving. Hopefully she had a driver.

Hey, wait a minute - I thought ESPN frowned upon its employees Tweeting.