JC Coach Suspended Over Sex Offender Player

A sign your college football team might have some troubled players: one of them is wearing a GPS tracker ankle bracelet. That’s just what was going on at Pasadena City College, where the PASADENA-STAR NEWS is reporting that the head football coach has been suspended after news broke that one of his players was a convicted sex offender.

Kenny Lawler Darryl Stephens sex offender inset

(PCC football coach Kenny Lawler; sex offender Darryl Stephens [inset])

Kenny Lawler has been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation after he allowed Darryl Stephens to join the team, despite a past conviction for “assault with intent to commit rape in concert with another using force or fear.” The PCC COURIER school newspaper notes that Stephens had been wearing a GPS high-risk sex offender ankle bracelet on-campus.

For his part, Lawler said that he knew about Stephens’ past conviction and defended having him on the team:

“He was a student athlete trying to rebuild and rehabilitate his life and football was a part of that. He had been a model citizen since he’d been here,” Lawler said.”

“Model citizen” except for the fact that he was arrested on-campus earlier this month for as the SAN GABRIEL VALLEY TRIBUNE reports, assaulting his girlfriend by putting her in a headlock and punching her three times. Which I guess is being a “model citizen” if your role model is Lawrence Phillips.