Denver QB Jay Cutler Announces He Has Diabetes

Sad news from the AFC West front: Jay Cutler is suffering from diabetes.

Jay Cutler Broncos

KCNC-TV reports that the Broncos QB revealed that he’s been diagnosed with Type 1 of the disease. Cutler learned of his medical condition two weeks ago & announced it to the media Thursday evening. Now Jay must undergo daily insulin shots & be extra-careful with his diet.

Having such health concerns could explain why Cutler lashed out at Broncos teammate Brandon Marshall last month, after the wide receiver ended up putting his arm through a TV set.

So, is Cutler’s career finished?

Not a chance. KMGH-TV follows up by chatting with Jay’s business manager Marty Garafalo, who says his playing days are from over:

“It’s something that he’s dealing with and something a lot of other people have. Even though it’s a serious condition, it’s a condition that can be managed. That’s the way he’s treating it right now.”

Other people include QB Wade Wilson & lineman Jay Leeuwenberg, who didn’t let diabetes stand in the way of long NFL careers. And athletes like baseball legend Jackie Robinson and hockey hall of famer Bobby Clarke didn’t allow the disease to sideline their successful sports lives. (More famous names, like Johnny Cash & Mary Tyler Moore, can be found here.)

The Broncos seem confident that Cutler will continue to be their QB. Even though the team learned of Jay’s condition before the Draft, they didn’t select any additional signal-callers.

We’re sure Cutler will be okay. If he can survive being the battered-around QB at SEC doormat Vanderbilt, he can survive anything.