Jason Kidd Is Tired Of May Anderson’s Partying

While Jason Kidd’s marriage to Joumana Kidd looked to be a perfect union on the surface, as time passed we found out that aside from producing peanut-headed children, Joumana also had an affinity for beating Jason up. After a much publicized divorce, Kidd decided it was time to move on and find a woman who wouldn’t bully him around. So after knocking up Hope Dworaczyk, Jason thought he’d found that woman in Danish model May Anderson (who only attacks flight attendants) and for the past few months they’ve been an item.

May Anderson dumped by Jason Kidd

Well, while Jason’s been in Beijing playing with The Redeem Team, that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been keeping a watchful eye on his girl from half a world away. Jason has been reading the NEW YORK POST’s PAGE SIX, and apparently he doesn’t like what he’s been reading. That’s why he’s dropping Anderson like a bad habit.

From the previously mentioned PAGE SIX:

IT’S over between model May Anderson and her Dallas Mavericks beau Jason Kidd - thanks to Page Six. It seems Kidd was tired of reading about his woman’s nights out. “Jason couldn’t take her hard partying,” said one source. “While he was training for the Olympics, she told him she was staying in, but then he would read in Page Six that she was out with celebrities like Lindsay Lohan.” Our insider added, “It was too distracting, and he decided it better to focus on training and bringing home the gold for the US.” Reps for Kidd had “no comment.”

Yet again love’s flame has been snuffed out by the paparazzi.

As for May’s partying, I’m not sure how Jason didn’t realize what he was getting himself into. After all, Anderson used to date Kid Rock, so it’s pretty obvious she’s into the whole rock star lifestyle. Maybe what really got to him was that fact that May was hanging out with Lindsay Lohan, and with the recent news that Lindsay like the ladies now, maybe he was worried that there was something going on between the two? It probably didn’t happen, but let’s start the rumor anyway. You know, just for fun.

May Anderson and Lindsay Lohan

Not that I would see that as a problem if I were Kidd. If I was dating a supermodel who wanted to make out with Lindsay Lohan, I’d be all for it. Hell, I’d be directing it.