Frank McCourt Accuses Jamie Of Affair With Fuller

Finally, we have the big breakthrough in the McCourts divorce case. With Jamie McCourt attempting to get her job as Dodger CEO back after she was fired by club owner and husband Frank, the Dodgers filed legal documents today against Jamie’s claim that are akin to an atom bomb.

Jamie McCourt Jeff Fuller Frank McCourt

(Frank: Jamie McCourt had affair with Jeff Fuller (middle))

The Dodgers attorneys claim that among the reasons Jamie was fired was a secret trip she took with “her bodyguard” to France - when she was supposed to be representing the Dodgers in Israel. She also billed the team for all her expenses in France.

The trip happened in July. The date of separation in the divorce proceeding is July 6.

Next question: Who was the “bodyguard” that accompanied Jamie to France?

Not too tough to figure out that that person is probably Jeff Fuller, who has been referred to in the past week as a former “Director of Protocol” with the Dodgers and Jamie’s  “security assistant.

So finally Frank has set out the big chess piece on the board: Jamie allegedly cheated on him.

If the divorce does reach the courts, you can bet Frank will argue Jamie’s alleged infidelity as a reason for him to get the team over her. She caused the marriage breakup with her supposed affair.

The big question that remains is if Frank’s spin is the truth. Right now, the “Dodgers” have submitted the news of Jamie’s trip, not McCourt. But of course, that’s the same thing. Whether she did the trip is a black or white issue. There’s no hedging. So I have to believe there’s some truth to it.

Jamie has yet to fire back after Frank’s latest salvo. Have a feeling she’s isn’t done just yet. Right when you think this thing can’t get any unintentionally funnier, the McCourts top themselves.

UPDATE: Dodgers attorney Debra Fischer told The Associated Press that Fuller and Jamie McCourt told the team they had an affair.

So that’s that.