It’s Official: NCSU Screwed Out Of Comeback Bid

Maryland ruined NC State’s chances to play in the ACC Championship game with 38-31 win in College Park on Saturday.

Video: NC State gets screwed

With a victory over the Terps, No. 21-ranked N.C. State would have advanced to the league’s title game, but the Wolfpack’s upset loss gave Florida State the Atlantic Division title outright and a berth into Saturday’s conference championship game in Charlotte.

Trailing 38-17, NC State staged a furious comeback in cutting the Maryland lead to 38-31 late in the fourth quarter. Facing a 4th-and-1 with 38 seconds left and the ball on the Wolfpack 32-yard-line, the Terps elected not to punt.

A dive play by Maryland running back D.J. Adams apparently gained the necessary single yard needed for officials to award the Terps a first down - ruining NC State’s comeback bid. But video replay of that 4th down play tells a different story.

A sideline video camera angle revealed that Adams never reached the first down marker. In fact, he wasn’t even close before his forward progress was stopped by the Wolfpack defense.

NC State Coach Tom O’Brien told the RALEIGH NEWS-OBSERVER after the game that he thought Adams was stopped short on the play.

“It sure looked like [we stopped them] from where we were, and we were right on the chains. But that was the call and it was confirmed, so I guess it wasn’t a stop. We thought we had him stopped, but my opinion doesn’t count.”

O’Brien said the players in the locker room were “crushed” after they fell with so much at stake.

Crushed? Wait ’til they see the video.