Israel Baseball League Frontman Ken Holtzman Quits

ISRAEL BASEBALL LEAGUE FRONTMAN HOLTZMAN QUITS: The CHICAGO TRIBUNE has the shocking news that former MLB pitcher and frontman for the new Israel Baseball League, Ken Holtzman, has left the organization “unhappy with the way” it was run.

Israel Baseball League

Holtzman in July told an Israeli website that the playing fields “would reach the level of high schools in our country,” the teams were “chosen at random and in a strange manner,” and zero of the league’s players “can even reach semipro baseball” in America.

He finished that assessment off by saying, “There is no chance that baseball will succeed in Israel.”

Ken Holtzman

One thing to consider is that the Holtzman-managed team in the league, the Petah Tikva Pioneers, finished last in the league with a 9-32 record.

But beyond that, is there a multi-cellular organism on the planet besides Holtzman who is surprised that the league would have substandard playing conditions and that the level of play would be far below U.S. pro standards?

Richie Scheinblum

We just hope that Holtzman’s departure will somehow lead to an opportunity for our favorite Jewish payer, Richie Scheinblum.