Isiah Thomas Taken To Hospital For Pill Overdose

WCBS and WABC in New York are reporting that Isiah Thomas has been taken to the hospital in White Plains, N.Y. with what is being described as a drug overdose. Thomas lives in the Westchester suburb of Harrison.

Isiah Thomas suit

Police responded to a 911 call from a cell phone that claimed Thomas had overdosed on sleeping pills. It is not known whether or not the overdose was intentional or accidental. Isiah was relieved of his duties as head coach and President of Basketball Operations for the Knicks back in April.

WABC has been told few details:

Published reports say the call came in just after midnight, describing a 46-year-old male at the Azalea Circle home. It was not indicated whether drugs or alcohol were involved. Thomas is 47.

New York Knicks officials would only say that Isiah Thomas is fine.

In a NEW YORK DAILY NEWS article, the Harrison police reveals more details about the overdose, but would not identify Thomas as the victim:

The victim had consumed roughly 10 Lunesta sleeping pills, Hall said.

“He was unconscious, but breathing on his own,” Hall said.

Isiah is still technically a Knicks employee, as his firing from coaching duties on April 18th was actually just a “reassignment.” Though I’m not sure anyone knows exactly what his role with the team is now. He was banned from contacting the players by new team president Donnie Walsh.

UPDATE: The DAILY NEWS now has quotes from Thomas’ son, who claims that there were no sleeping pills involved that Isiah was “stressing” over his daughter’s illness:

“Reports of sleeping pills are false,” Joshua Thomas added. “He doesn’t take sleeping pills. He’s doesn’t really take anything that’s not organic.

“He looked faint from stressing over her. They sat him down, let him drink some water. He’s fine,” the son said.

Joshua Thomas said that his father and sister were both resting at a hospital in Greenwich, Conn.

There have been no official reports of Isiah’s daughter being taken to the hospital, nor that either one of them are in Greenwich.