Is Sharapova’s Door Open To Posing For Playboy?

Maria Sharapova Playboy

Paul Kimmage of the LONDON TIMES (via FAN IQ) has this recent exchange with Maria Sharapova in an interview with the 20-year-old.

Kimmage: “Okay, so let’s say I’m Hugh Hefner and I come knocking on your door with a fistful of dollars for Playboy. Are you interested?”

Sharapova: “I’ve met him … at the ESPY awards – the sport awards – there was this preparty held at the Playboy Mansion and I met him with all of the bunnies running around. It was funny.

Kimmage: “He didn’t make you an offer (to pose in Playboy)?”

Sharapova (laughing): “No.”

Kimmage “And if he did you would refuse?”

Sharapova: “He didn’t make me an offer.”

So this is probably a joke to Sharapova, but obviously, it wouldn’t be to the good folks at Playboy. The mag would take her in a second. Not because she’s beautiful, but because of her celebrity.

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Now Sania Mirza, she could be ranked #847 and still get her own spread (in our opinion, at least).