Infamous M-State Tapes Do Not Include Newtons

In the past week a Huntsville, Alabama-based radio talk show host named Scott Moore has been touting the upcoming release of audio tapes he claims may further incriminate Cam and Cecil Newton and Auburn and Tennessee with the NCAA.

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Here’s a sampling of Moore talking about the “tapes” today on the Chuck and Chernoff Show on 680 The Fan in Atlanta:

“Is Cecil Newton shopping his son around on these tapes? The answer to that is, yeah, he is. … Cecil said that there are offers from Tennessee on there (on the tapes) and offers from Auburn. That’s according to Cecil Newton.

“Cecil’s shopping him around, and the sentiment there is, I believe we’ll be able to show and prove that Cam knew what was going on.

“What I’ve said is true, the tapes exist of Cecil shopping him around.”

On his own show on WZZN-FM in Huntsville last week, Moore said of the tapes:

“The bottom line is these numbers that we keep hearing about — this $150,000 offer from Tennessee, this $180,000 from Auburn — those came from Cecil Newton (to Rogers on the tapes). They didn’t come from Auburn or Tennessee, they came from Cecil Newton. He’s the one that said these offers were made to him.

“What I’ve heard is offers… (Newton) saying on these tapes that these offers were from Tennessee for $150,000 and a $180,000 offer from Auburn. I heard him say that, I’ve seen the text messages. And they exist, that’s the bottom line.”

Moore claims he acquired the tapes from former Mississippi State football players and current boosters John Bond and Bill Bell. It was Bond who first reported details of alleged impropriety involving Mississippi State’s recruitment of Cam Newton to the school’s athletic department.

Bell later reported to that former Mississippi State player Kenny Rogers contacted him on behalf of Cecil Newton in order to solicit Cam Newton’s football services to MSU as part of a pay-for-play scheme.

Today I talked to a source who has spoken to both Bond and Bell on multiple occasions, most recently about Moore’s claims involving audio tapes allegedly in their possession.

The source reported that - according to Bill Bell - audio tapes involving Mississippi State’s recruitment of Cam Newton do exist, in the form of voicemails left by Kenny Rogers to Bell. Bell owns those tapes, which are actually audio files, and Bond has a copy of them.

Rogers is the only person heard on the voicemail files owned by Bell.

More from Moore on Bond and Bell on 680 The Fan in Atlanta today:

The bottom line is John (Bond) shared some of the information on these tapes all the way back in October. He also made it available to the NCAA that Bill Bell had tapes as well.

Moore’s comment may seem to indicate that Bond also had his own set of tapes that contained content separate from what Bell had in his possession.

On November 5, 2010, Bond was asked on radio station 680 The Fan in Atlanta if the same Kenny Rogers who left voicemails for Bill Bell approached him to solicit money on Newton’s behalf. Bond’s response:

 Actually, there were two people in between it but, basically, yes, that’s what happened.

On November 5, 2010, on KESN-FM in Dallas, Kenny Rogers said of his personal contact with his former MSU football teammate John Bond:

I have not talked to John (Bond) or seen John in over probably 20 years or more. Probably 20 years or more I have not talked to John or seen John.  

On November 12, 2010, Bond told, “My story hasn’t changed. I absolutely talked with Kenny Rogers, and there are phone records that will show that.

It sounds as if Bond is a bit confused as to whether he had any direct contact with Kenny Rogers or not. (Bond has yet to produce the aformentioned phone records.)

Meanwhile, my source with knowledge of the aforementioned tapes reported that Bond does not have audio files of Rogers that are separate from Bell. Again, Bond has a copy of the audio files that Bell provided him.

Further, my source indicated that Bond and Bell have no audio file or tape containing the voice of Cecil Newton.

Finally, I was told by the same source that none of the voicemails left by Rogers to Bell contain anything that could further damage Auburn or implicate Tennessee with the NCAA.

Last Thursday, Moore appeared on Tupelo’s WMOX-AM with host and former Mississippi State quarterback Matt Wyatt. From the interview:


“Which is it, is it audio or a text message where Cecil Newton is saying he’s got these offers from these schools?”


“Oh it’s audio and it’s also in text message form as well. The people that made these tapes, they wanted to make sure and get clarification on both ends. We’re talking about not one or two tapes here, there’s quite a few from several different people.”

So Moore is now saying “several different people” have tapes?

Of course he is.

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