India’s Utter Insanity Over Sania’s Pseudo Slight

Those of you who enjoyed the death and destruction wrought by Muslims over the cartoon depictions of Islam in Denmark can now get excited over a somewhat similar freakout in India.

Sania Mirza Photos

THE AUSTRALIAN reports today that “INDIAN sport is facing a fierce new controversy as ultra-nationalists targeted rising tennis star Sania Mirza after she was photographed at the Hopman Cup in Perth with her bare feet on a table alongside the national flag.

It would be an amusing story if it wasn’t so sad. Especially when you see the photo.

Sania Mirza Feet Near Flag Photo

So that’s the photo that has “ultra-nationalists demanding that action be taken against her under the country’s stern Prevention of Insult to the National Honour Act which carries a penalty of three years in jail and a fine“?

This is the same Mirza who has been burned in effigy by Muslims because she wears shorts and t-shirts for tennis matches. And was “the target of Islamic fundamentalist ire after she was found taking part in an advertising shoot outside Hyderabad’s famed Mecca mosque.” (She later had to write a letter of apology to calm everyone down)

And this sort of insanity isn’t limited to Mirza. A famed Bollywood actress was banished from the country for kissing Richard Gere in public (ok, maybe that was justified).

Instead, we prefer to appreciate Ms. Mirza, who is probably the biggest celebrity in India, in all her unfurled glory:

Sania Mirza PhotosSania Mirza PhotosSania Mirza Photos