Wazzu QB Passed Out In Truck At Police Station

Think about this question for a moment: If you were a 19-year-old college student who was drunk, where would be the one place you would choose to park your truck to sleep it off? If your answer was anything but “at the police station,” then you are smarter than Marshall Lobbestael allegedly was. KXLY-TV says Washington State’s top QB from last season was arrested Saturday morning and charged with being a Minor in Possession after cops found him passed out in his truck outside the Pullman police station.

Washington State QB Marshall Lobbestael

Perhaps the poor kid was just tired: after all, the cops had run into Lobbestael just an hour earlier in the College Hill section of town, carrying around a passed out female student. The unidentified coed was charged with MIP, and was joined a short time later by her “hero.”

But here’s the bright side for Cougar fans: at least Loebbestael is clearly doing well in his rehab from blowing out his knee during the middle of last season (one of several injuries that led Coach Paul Wulff to have open tryouts). Perhaps part of his rehab assignment involved carrying around 120 pounds or so of dead weight, but he didn’t have any sandbags handy so he improvised.

Of course, Wulff has already suspended Loebbestael following his arrest, so the rehab might be a moot point. He isn’t the first Wazzu QB to get into trouble with the law: prize recruit Calvin Schmidtke after he tallied 11 charges and citations within 18 months (he transferred to Indiana State, where he was later tased after being arrested for - hey! - underage drinking).

Wulff had instituted a no-drinking policy during off-season conditioning and summer school last year - I wonder if that will be in effect this season. Although if you’ve ever been to Pullman, you can understand that there really isn’t much for a college student to do there for fun but drink. And I would think being associated with Washington State football right now would drive anyone to the bottle.

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